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History of Three Eyes Chapel
Three Eyes Chapel, Kerley Downs "Sometimes I have had blisters on my hands and they have been very sore but I did not mind that, for if the chapel should stand for one hundred years and if one soul were converted in it every year, that would be a hundred souls, and that would pay me well if I get to Heaven"

Three Eyes Chapel is the second chapel built by Billy Bray, built only a mile from the village that he was born. In 1824, there was a society of recently converted men and women, who met regularly in a small premises. When the group was offered a small piece of land by Benjamin Paul, Billy felt that his call to help this society was confirmed. Billy and his son worked all their spare time to help build the chapel, even after a hard day working the mines. The deed of trust was drawn up dated 4th July, 1836, which means the chapel has been standing as a place of worship for over 150 years.

The chapel was originally a rectangular form with typical limewashed walls stone and cob walls, with an extension which probably housed a small fireplace. The present entrance porch has replaced an original porch. The extension on the east side of the chapel, appears to be a later extension and was probably originally used to shelter the visiting preacher's horse.

The original chapel was much smaller than the one that stands today, although it still had it's three windows -it's Three Eyes. Billy himself enlarged it, adding three more windows, a square for the choir and instrumentalists and a new pulpit. Also the style and stepping of the pews suggests that they were added later.

Regular services were held in the chapel until 1982, when the Billy Bray Memorial Trust took over the care of the building.