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Billy Brays Three Eyes Chapel, Kerley Down, Cornwall Billy Bray's Three Eyes Chapel has been standing for over 150 years. Until 1982, regular services were held in the chapel, but it was forced to close due to a dwindling membership.
On the relinguishing of the property by Methodism it reverted to Lord Falmouth, the owner of the freehold and with his consent and help, the Billy Bray Memorial Trust was formed by a group of five Methodists, each with a close association with the chapel or who are interested in its future well being.
Interior if Billy Bray's Three Eyes Chapel, Kerley Down, Cornwall On 1st June 1984, the chapel was rededicated by Revd Ian Haile, as a memorial to the memory of the quaint-humoured and dedicated little evangelist, known world-wide as Billy Bray.

If you would like more information about the Memorial Trust please contact:

Clive Buckingham (Secretary)


The Trustees are:-
Mr. G. Davey
Mrs. Armorel Carlyon
Mr. Clive Buckingham
Mrs. Christine Smith
Mrs. Mary Adams